Should You Have Your Hardwood Floors Resurfaced or Refinished?

When people talk about restoring hardwood flooring, they often refer to resurfacing and refinishing and sometimes use the terms interchangeably. It’s important to understand the distinction so you can figure out which process is right for your home. Hilltown Hardwood Flooring can help, whether you need hardwood resurfacing or refinishing.

What’s the Difference between Hardwood Refinishing and Resurfacing?

Refinishing is a process used to restore hardwood floors that have scratches, dents, and discoloration. When a floor is refinished, the top layer of damaged wood is sanded off, the new layer of wood that is revealed is sanded smooth, and the floor is stained and coated with a protective finish.

For a hardwood floor with significant damage, refinishing might not be enough to restore it to its previous condition. If, for instance, your floors have boards that are rotten or warped, that have been damaged by water, or that have holes or missing pieces, refinishing won’t be the right solution. In that case, resurfacing will be more appropriate.

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